We help Residential Real Estate Brokers get the highest quality clients more quickly, affordably, and sustainably


Cut Your Adspend Waste by Up To 97%

With our Pre-Targeting data technology, tested marketing systems, and the best talent in the industry, you can identify and dominate the conversation with the top 3% of your market who are ready to buy now

Capture Better Leads

With real-time data, we focus your ads on the prospects who are most likely to buy 

Shrink Your CPA

On average our clients see a 25% to 75% reduction in click costs across the board

Get Results Faster

Our tested and optimized marketing campaigns deliver results month after month



Riptide Digital Marketing uses Behavior Tracking, Identity Resolution, and Machine Learning AI to identify quality prospects who are actively pursuing a home purchase, in real time.

We empower you to focus your limited marketing budget only on those prospects who are most likely to buy, so you can stop wasting money and time on everyone else.

Competitive Exclusivity

We only work with one Real Estate Broker per region, giving YOU the unfair advantage over your biggest competitors

Specialists In Your Industry

With nearly two decades of experience in Real Estate, we understand your business and clients better than generalists

Rigorous Marketing Optimization

Every aspect of your campaign is tested and routinely refined to maximize your overall conversion of leads into clients


Our software tracks 200 million users and accumulates 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day, empowering us to identify and directly connect you with the highest quality prospects in your market.



Identify Pre-Buying Patterns

Our algorithms collect and reconstruct “Paths to Purchase” — the online activity of buyers in the days, weeks or months leading up to the purchase.


Recognize "Hot" Behaviors

Our AI searches for and identifies those “Paths to Purchase” that indicate which users are most likely to be your best-qualified in-market leads. 


Connect With Serious Homebuyers

As we identify each of your hottest prospects, we display your ads to them across the most powerful online channels, driving them to your conversion-optimized funnel.


Automatically Optimize & Repeat

Our algorithm monitors the success of your campaign and self-adjusts in realtime, perpetually sharpening your “Paths to Purchase” and targeting accuracy.


The following case studies offer a snapshot of typical results we are consistently able to achieve for our clients, across multiple marketing channels.


Burning Q’s your fellow brokers asked before making the decision to work with us

How is this better than having a regular Facebook/Google Ads person manage my campaigns?

If you are unhappy with your current marketing ROI, you’ve already discovered that it’s easy to find people to run your ads, but very difficult to find truly competent full-service campaign managers.

Poor ad management is a huge waste of money.

Working with us gives you a significant advantage over your competitors for the following reasons:

1. Better Quality Leads. Our user-driven data allows us to identify the online search patterns of the historically strongest prospects in your market. This allows us to run your ads only for the most qualified prospects.

2. Massive Savings. Focusing your ad targeting on the most qualified leads significantly reduces money wasted on clicks from non-buyers. Our average client savings on Adspend is 25-75%.

3. Stronger Conversions. We test and optimize all the ads and marketing funnels we build for you to ensure you have the greatest edge in turning your leads into clients.

How is your data different than other data providers out there?

Our data is different because it is people-based, and therefore has far fewer limitations.

Most other data is anonymous or based on demographics. It won’t indicate who the users are or their specific behaviors, and therefore won’t optimize for specific outcomes.

Most data only works on a specific platform whereas our data can be used on virtually any marketing platform. 

Why do you have exclusive access to this data?

Riptide Digital Marketing has exclusive partnerships with vendors who source this data on our behalf. Our vendors focus exclusively on refining their technology so we can focus on providing you the best possible return for your marketing dollars.

How long has this type of marketing been around?

Big corporations have been running similar campaigns for nearly a decade. Until recently, this kind of data hasn’t been accessible to small businesses due to high costs.

This technology has been tested and developed in smaller markets over the past 5 years. It was originally developed for the automotive industry and has now since been expanded to be used in the other major industries.

We’ve never seen this data underperform compared to normal paid traffic. We’ve always seen a 25% to 75% drop in cost to acquire a new customer.

Can you sell us the data so we can use it in our own Google and Facebook ad campaigns?

Knowing how to use this data is just as critical as having it.

In order for the data to be effective, campaign managers must use basic marketing & advertising fundamentals. We have created “best practices” for how to run campaigns with this data so you can get the most value out of it.

Without basic marketing & advertising competencies (which are rare these days), these campaigns will not be successful. In these cases, the marketer will be tempted to cast blame on the data when in reality they were mismanaging a powerful resource. 

Are you affiliated with Riptide SEO?

Yes – due to client demand, we have expanded and evolved our company from a narrow service provider (SEO) to a full-fledged revenue generation solution (multi-channel marketing).

We have also narrowed our focus on the Real Estate industry — this specialization allows to get really brillant in a highly-competitive market, which maximizes our clients’ success and happiness.

How long does it take to see results?

Expect it to take up to three months for us to get your campaign running optimally.

We aren’t selling “magic beans” and never promise overnight results. Every market is different which requires ongoing refinements. This demands significant time and constant attention upfront.

By the end of Month 3, you can expect to reach your benchmark for long-term, sustainable results.

For this reason, we require a minimum 90-day commitment when we agree to work with a new client.

What is the minimum duration of time we will work together?

90 days. (Please see answer to “How long does it take to see results?” above.)



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